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Colton Sudberry, CEO/President of Sudberry Development, whose company is Building the ”Breakwater Town Center”, wants to “Set the Record Straight”!

Nov 05, 2014 04:34PM ● By Paul Spear

In an interview initiated by Colton Sudberry, CEO & President of Sudberry Properties, The developer of the "Breakwater Town Center, with Paul Spear of, Mr. Colton Sudberry expressed his concern for the new candidates running for Office in Imperial Beach and other publications in Imperial Beach as getting facts wrong or misrepresenting the process of the development of their Breakwater Town Center and wanted to make sure the facts were presented from their side of the project.

Mr. Colton Sudberry gave major credit to Mayor Jim Janney and City Council Members, Brian “Pat” Bilbray, Ed Spriggs and Lorie Bragg along with credit to the City Manager Andy Hall and all the staff of the city for the project still being alive and at the point where there are now moving forward at a fast pace. He went on to note that if not for all their hard work, making trips to Sacramento for meetings at the drop of a hat, all the hard work they did and, and are still doing so at an extremely fast pace, that Sudberry Properties might have walked away from the Breakwater Town Center project a long time ago or would be much further behind if not for all of their collective effort.

 The Project suffered a major blow in 2009 when the State of California did away with Redevelopment Agencies (RDAs) which typically financed these types of projects. This left the City of Imperial Beach and Sudberry Properties in a state of limbo. The Rules of the game were changed but there were no new rules put in place on how to move forward without the help of the Redevelopment Agency. So it was left to the City of Imperial Beach and the Mayor, City Council and City Manager to deal with Sacramento and find out what they needed to do to be able to move forward without the old rules or new rules in place.

Per Colton Sudberry he has never seen anyone work as hard has the City of Imperial Beach and its employees and representatives name above in the article above to keep the project alive and moving forward.

The other thing Mr. Sudberry wishes to communicate to the citizens of Imperial Beach is that the progress on filling space is moving forward at a very good pace and he believes they are within a week of landing an “Anchor Tennant” for the 9th and Palm side of the Breakwater Town Center. For those who are not familiar with the development and leasing of space terminology, an “Anchor Tennant” is a very large business that is designed to be a major draw to the property. These businesses normally include such things as Department Stores, Grocery Stores or Big Brand named businesses. They are also doing well at getting commitments from other businesses to fill the open spaces on the east end which will be developed first.

He said as their or more major developments that he will be sure to let the citizens of Imperial Beach know.

By Paul Spear, Editor

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