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Another Response to "Letter to Editor" and "Opposition to UH's Spending!

Oct 31, 2014 09:10PM ● By Paul Spear

Very well said, Mr. Moody. Why would we want to risk putting a damper on our budding hospitality industry? Everyone I knows loves the wonderful improvements made in IB over the last few years. If we allow a deep pockets, out of state PAC to buy our local election, an awful lot of hard work by both the City and our local businesses will go down the drain. 

This is our chance to protect our city's future. Let's not throw it away. I'll be voting for the candidates with the EXPERIENCE to keep us moving forward Jim Janney, Ed Spriggs and Lorie Bragg. Together they've done so much to make IB a great place to visit... and the best place in San Diego County to live.

D Carey

IB Resident and Voter

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