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Ed Spriggs does an Excellent Job defending himself in Rebuttal to Mike Williams' "Letter to the Editor"!

Oct 03, 2014 02:55PM ● By Paul Spear



I write to correct the assertion made in Mike Williams’ letter to the editor  that I am running on a slate with Elizabeth Saldana and Serge Dedina that is being funded by a political action group (Unite Here TIP State and Local Fund) based in New York.


I am not opposing Mayor Janney or collaborating with his opponent in this campaign, as implied by Mr. Williams’ comments.  In fact, Mr. Janney and I have worked well together over the last four years to bring major improvements to Imperial Beach.


This is clearly a case of the big super-PACs discovering and trying to influence events in Imperial Beach.  These types of organizations were given life by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case in 2010. But they are prohibited from communicating or coordinating with the candidates they support or oppose. For more information about this trend, please see the Center for Public Integrity website.


I am disturbed by the signs and mailers that are appearing around Imperial Beach that lump the three of us together supposedly with the intention of helping our campaigns. If you look at the mailers they state, “Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate”.  


I do not know who this organization is or why they are involved in a campaign 3,000 miles away from their headquarters. I did not and have never requested any support from this organization. In fact, I personally phoned them to ask them to stop their indirect support, as I am quite capable of running my own independent re-election campaign with a diverse variety of local supporters.


I would respectfully ask the voters of Imperial Beach to consider each candidate in this election on their own merits and not be influenced by what some outside organization has to say about me, or anyone else running for office.



Ed Spriggs


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