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Read Valerie Acevez's response to "With all the new development going on in the city, what steps can be taken so we don't end up with big traffic Jams"?

Oct 03, 2014 10:02AM ● By Paul Spear


With all the new development going on in the city. What steps can be taken so we don't end up with big traffic Jams

Imperial Beach has become very popular for development in the last 10 years.  I would hope that those who were available to see the future of the city took the traffic into consideration when looking at new business in the city. 

There is a plan to take away one lane and use two lanes to come into and out of Imperial Beach.  The third lane will become a side street of access to business along the corridor.  I and many others have seen the plans and have asked many questions concerning this improvement.  It has been stated that the plan would alleviate back up traffic as the lights would be coordinated to be green or red along Palm Avenue to move traffic quickly thru the city.  The problem is has San Diego City agreed to also coordinate their lights that go down Palm Avenue to facilitate this.  The side street will accommodate buses and those wishing to turn onto side streets and stop at businesses along the route.  More parking would become available for those wishing to park. 

One of the concerns of many citizens is that traffic will divert to Imperial Beach Blvd/Coronado Avenue and that is where most children are walking to and from school along the street.  There has been steps taken to put electronic crosswalks for those wishing to access the parks library and city hall.  But accidents still happen.   I believe that more needs to be done to make sure Imperial Beach Blvd doesn’t become a thruway for traffic coming thru Imperial Beach.  That does not mean taking away lanes or obstructions to slow down traffic in the area.  It just means to make sure that those travelling through the city stay off the side streets and Imperial Beach Blvd where there is much more residential living.

The traffic can be done in a way to bring in the needed customers for shopping along Palm Avenue and bring customers to the beach area for hotel and dining access. There are two times during the day that traffic will come thru Imperial Beach for access to Coronado or San Diego depending on the time of day.  Access to businesses and restaurants need to be well thought out so that those driving through want to stop and shop.  If the traffic becomes an issue in Imperial Beach revenue will be lost, businesses will close and it will not be good for the city.

There are major developments being considered or have been already approved for Imperial Beach.  Not all will happen tomorrow.  Imperial Beach needs to balance the needs of the citizens for access to the beach, parks, businesses and restaurants with the needs of those coming through and using all that Imperial Beach has to offer.  If we can figure that out over the course of the next 5 to 10 years then we should be golden.  


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