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Mayoral Candidate, Serge Dedina, cancels/postpones Agreed upon Q&A with

Sep 28, 2014 11:47AM ● By Paul Spear

I had told the Mayoral Candidates that I needed the information back by Friday at 5pm. I went on to say that the first candidate to respond with their answers would have them posted first on the website! I received an email from Serge Dedina saying he was confused and asked if this was a race or if by due date. I said it’s not a race and to try to be fair, I would post both responses at the same time. He did not indicate that he didn't plan on responding by the set deadline. When I told Serge that I would post at the same time, it was with the understanding, that if he got his answers back by the deadline, we could post both of their answers at the same time!  I emailed Serge on Thursday to see where he was at on his answers for the Q&A. I received an email back from Serge Dedina saying he wouldn't be participating anytime soon, as he had a "Surf Contest" to prepare for and was busy with work. The Mayor, who I am sure, is just as busy, got back to me with his answers the first day!

The documentation I came across earlier in the week caused me to want to do a Question and Answers session with the Mayoral Candidates to clarify some information that I felt the voters had the right to know about. Please Note: None of this activities are illegalIn elections, there are PACs or Political Action Committees and other groups that are allowed to spend money to help the candidates of choice in any legal way they want. They act on their own discretion to help a candidate any way they choose. That is my understanding of how it works but I could be off in places! If someone could do a better job of explaining, please email me.

The first document I came across was on “Form 496” on file with the City of Imperial Beach. A group know as "Unite Here Tip" is supporting Serge Dedina for Mayor. According to the form, Unite Here Tip, is paying for "Design, printing and postage of literature" and "Salary and Benefits for canvassers". I was hoping to find out what these canvassers coming in from outside Imperial Beach are being paid for? Is it to join the Saturday walks to make the crowds look bigger? Are they knocking on doors asking people to vote for Serge. I thought the voters would want to know! 

There is also a flyer going around Facebook about a dinner being held in La Jolla for Serge. I wanted to know with all the money he is getting from sources outside Imperial Beach, if he could put the citizens of Imperial Beach first?

Note: these are not illegal activities! It just raises questions as to what is truly going on behind the scenes and what we, the voters of Imperial Beach, are not being told!

It is common to raise money outside your city, the mayor has raised funds outside the city, but with Serge Dedina, I think the voters just need to know a little bit more information!



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