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IB City Council Discusses "The Breakwater Project" (9th & Palm Development), Hands out Awards and more Last Night

Sep 19, 2014 04:36PM ● By Paul Spear
For the awards, there were so many hard working people who got awards, I hope I don't miss anyone but I am sure I will. If we do, we can come back and ad them! for City Business, Tyra Moe got promoted to Engineer by the Fire Department!

Shirley Nakawatase & Leah Goodwin received awards for putting the Sun & Sea Festival together. Also receiving awards for the Sun and Sea Festival were: Rico Toscano, "K Paris, Nellie Hazel, Jean Villard, Richard Schaumburg, Jaimy Wilkinson, Victor Tapia, Sha-Ron Cobb,  Leonard Gonzales (IB Posse), Erika Lowery, Jazmine Decker, "Valerie Acevez, and "Candy Unge, The city "Thanked" all those that worked behind the scenes but didn't get mentioned. Candy Unger and Tim O'Neal for their award for all their work with the Fireworks Show going again, 

The development, called "The Breakwater Project, at 9th and Palm, by Sudberry Properties, is set to move forward. It had originally been done under California's Redevelopment Agency (RDA) but that was Agency was dissolved in June OF 2011. It has taken so long because of all the Red Tape caused by this action. As it stands now, they are looking at two phases. The first would be 5 buildings and the second phase 2 buildings for a total of 7. The delay has helped in a couple of ways, now because of the business activity in Imperial Beach they have some National Businesses looking at becoming tenants and they have been able to update the design to a more modern look. They are also adding some special looks, a clock tower designed to give the feel of a Lifeguard Station that will glow at the top at night. Despite the city's municipal code that limits building heights to under 40ft., the City Council approved the project design's 49'6" height proposed for the projects clock tower. At least two murals that will try to reflect what is going on in imperial Beach, One design might be around our Sandcastle Competition and the other choices wen't mentioned. Estean Lenyoun, representing Sudberry Properties, and architect Andy Stevenson assured IB's city council that the developer was committed to putting the same emphasis on Breakwater's design that they did with their Village Walk in Eastlake.  Development will start at 9th and Palm Ave and work it's way to 7th Street.  Also, include that in the near future Sudberry will start trucking in the dirt required to fill the project site and bring it up to the same grade as Palm Ave.

Also getting approved was extending the parking hours on Street Ends west of Seacoast Drive.
Extended the 10 pm time to midnight and the time in the morning will become 5 am versus 7 am. This will not include the residential areas north of Palm Ave. But may include business areas on Palm Avenue.
And now we know why "the Elephant Cage" or Officially known as the Wullenweber Antenna Array is being torn down. The US Navy plans to build a 1.4 million Square foot Coastal Campus just north of there. This is set to be a 10 year project with completion in 2024. It is has many approvals it has to receive but some approval are in the process already. It will affect Imperial Beach the most but must gain approval from the MTS. It was approved by IB with conditions, The big one being that the South Gate in Imperial Beach is to be used in emergency cases only and that the North Gate must be built before anything else.


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Like what you're reading? Subscribe to Dig Imperial Beach's free newsletter to catch every headline