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IB Posse Wins "Sculptors Choice" with "Sandman"

Sep 04, 2014 04:38AM ● Published by Paul Spear

Gallery: IB Posse at B Street Pier Compition [7 Images] Click any image to expand.

Be sure to see the "Photo Gallery" below with pictures of sculptures and all the work that goes in to building a "Sandcastle" These are true artists! A true IB Pride!

Article Credit to Mathew McCoy.After the Imperial Beach Sun and Sea Festival ended we were right back at the drawing board. We only had a few weeks to get prepared for the competition on B St Pier. One thing we knew it was going to be only a three man competition. We have 10 guys on the IB Posse. Leonard Gonzales Jr. decided lets have two teams so more of our carvers can show case their work. Next question was who is going to be on the two teams. Leonard Gonzales was the captain for IB Posse team #1 and Mark Duraza was the Captain for IB Posse team #2. Leonard picked Leonard Gonzales Sr. and Mike Brindale  for his team. Mark Duraza picked Juan Zepata and Arron French on this team. Matt McCoy, Kenny Biggs and Mike Hubbert were assisting  both teams making sure they had everything they needed. Friday we did pound up. Pound up is when you build up your forms to make a base to carve out of. The two day competition started on Saturday at 7 am till 7 pm

. Sunday is started at 7 am till 2pm. Judging was at 4 pm. Both teams went out and gave it their all.

In the end IB Posse team # 1 won 2nd place and also won Sculpture choice award. The Sculpture choice award  was special because the other teams voted on their favorite. Even though IB Posse team #2 did not walk away with any winnings it got a great response from the crowd.

IB Posse team #1 did Sandy the Sandman IB Posse team #2 did Mother Earth Gratitude. 


Category: Cool California Carvers Class
• 1st Place: "Homework Machine" by JT San Diego Sandcastles
• 2nd Place: "Sandman" by IB Posse #1
• 3rd Place: "Gothic Cathedral" by Archisand #1
• Sculptors Choice: "Sandman" by IB Posse #1

Note: The Sculptors Choice Award was vote on by the other teams, their peers, in the competition.


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