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Lets find a way to help our 4 legged Pet Friends

Aug 22, 2014 09:09PM ● By Paul Spear

Our 4 Legged Friends of Cats and Dogs Need Help Finding their families sometimes. Lets figure out a way to help them!

 I was checking out a page on Facebook "Imperial Beach Local Style" and ran across a story about a nice loving, but a bit older, cat needing a home. It took me back to a time when I lived in Lake Arrowhead and did volunteer work for a non-profit organization "Crestline Critters". In the Lake Arrowhead/Crestline area.Besides having a big problem with pets getting out of the house and not finding there way back, there was an even bigger problem of pets getting loose out of cars or just plain outright abandoned. It was very sad.This was in the early days of public access television and we were allow to run a half hour show twice a week. We went on TV and did a "Lost & Found Report" and then we spent time trying to find homes be it temporary or permanent for the lost animals didn't have any place to go other than to try and survive in the wild, Plus sometimes a family had to get rid of their pet because someone had allergies or other reasons and we worked to find them all homes. Sometimes it was only temporary until a full time family could be found.

Well we have a webpage with a column now that covers pets. We have a bunch of smart people here that are pet lovers. What we need is someone to take over what would be IB's equal to the "Crestline Critters". We need a group of pet lovers with one person in charge to get all the information together and publish it once or twice a week, maybe more, on the website. We are capable of posting a picture gallery of the animals that are lost and work on fining them their owner or if no one comes forward, post that the animal is in need of a new family to be part of. We have a blog on this site as well so why don't all use pet lovers put our heads together and find a way to get our 4 legged friends a home. Please blog or comment on this, We can work it out!

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